Microsoft Zune vs. Apple’s iPod

I was just reading about Zune, Microsoft’s version of Apple’s iPod, and sales in the first two weeks of its release are impressive.

If you’ve been reading this blog for at least a year, you may remember a post I wrote back in January about how I knew next to nothing about Blackberries, how they worked, etc and inquired as to what they were all about, so I think with that post I established that I’m nowhere close to being a tech-wizard ;) With that in mind, would ya’ll explain to me what the big deal is about iPod’s (and now Zune’s)? A Blackberry is out of the question for me, as I don’t want to be that tied to a computer, but from my understanding an iPod is not a communication device but a media device you can listen to music, watch videos, etc, on. Are they simple to use?

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