Wreaths for our fallen soldiers

When you get a chance, make sure to read this touching story about Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Co., who makes an annual trek every year in December from Harrington, Maine to Virginia to lay wreaths on the graves of our fallen soldiers at Arlington Cemetary. This year he’ll be accompanied by the Patriot Guard Riders, who have gained national attention this year as the patriotic group who has shielded military funerals from the despicable protests of the “Rev.” Fred Phelps and his congregation of haters.

Worcester’s project has become very popular. From the WaPo aticle:

This year, the interest in Worcester’s project has exploded to the point that he had to find some way to extend the tribute, so he has launched Wreaths Across America, a Web site that coordinates similar rituals at more than 200 military cemeteries around the country.

“Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well …”

Video of past wreath laying ceremonies:

Additional info on Worcester’s annual trek can be found at Snopes.

Hats off to Mr. Worcester, who is a shining example of a true American patriot. May God bless him, and every one of the fallen soldiers he honors at Arlington.

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