Thursday open thread and headline of the day

Ok, here it is:

Lettuce implicated in Taco Bell outbreak

The question remains, though: when will Lettuce officially be doing the perp walk?

I should note, for the record, that it looks like the AP has changed the headline of the story to read “Lettuce suspected in Taco Bell E. coli” – much better. The Mercury News’ posting of this AP story still has the original headline up though, as of this writing.

Sorry, I had to have a little fun with the headline writers at the AP :D Usually when you see the word “implicated” in a story or headline, it’s something along the lines of “Man implicated in the death of neighbor” or something like that. Lettuce being implicated, however, is something you don’t read much about as it relates to sinister activity …

Now lettuce all join hands and sing Kumbaya …

Update: Have any of you been experiencing slow loading times for the blogs or times you’ve been unable to access it in the last couple of days? It’s loading very slowly for me this afternoon.

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