Panthers are in a must-win situation today against Pittsburgh

Delhomme may not start today in the Panthers’ 1 p.m. home game against the Steelers. The Steelers have won 4 of their last 5, while the Panthers have lost 3 straight (including last week’s humilating loss to NC Cop’s Giants). So Pittsburgh has momentum on their side while the Panthers have desperation and a hunger to win on theirs.

My, how far we’ve fallen from being Sports Illustrated’s pick to win it all. That’s twice they picked us to go all the way. I’m beginning to think having SI on your side is a curse.

In other depressing sports news, check out footage of last night’s brawl between the NBA’s Knicks and Nuggets.

Update: Just found the video on YouTube:

All ten players who were on the floor at the time of the brawl were ejected. The idiocy continued off the court as well.

PM Update: It got reaaaaally ugly for the Cats. I need to decide who I’m going to root for in the playoffs now, I guess.

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