The NYTimes on displaying disturbing video and/or pictures

Dan Riehl has done some digging and points out what looks like a double standard from the New York Times on displaying disturbing video and/or pictures.

In this article, the NYT almost seems to be chiding news outlets and blogs who linked up to or broadcast/printed video and/or images from Saddam’s execution that included the moment of the actual hanging. As Dan notes, and as a simple Google search will show, the NYT hasn’t been shy in the past about advocating the showing of what some would call disturbing images in the name of ‘truth’ and ‘journalism’, but for some reason they don’t take the same view of the Hussein execution. Strange.

I chose not to link up to the video here not because I found it disturbing, but because I take no great thrill in the death penalty, even though I support it. I consider when it happens justice served, nothing to celebrate, but rather something to feel a sense of relief and justice from. If the NYT doesn’t want to show those final images, that’s their right, of course – I just wonder at what appears to be a double standard on their part, that’s all.

Related: See Bob Owens’ take on the broadcasting of the full video of Saddam’s execution.

Update: It was only a matter of time: Speaking of Saddam’s execution, check out this Associated Press piece that quotes a military nurse at length who recalls Saddam’s “softer” side. :-? (Hat tip: LGF)

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