The Forbes Web Celeb 25 list has posted an article along with a list of who they believe are the top 25 “biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet.” Check out the slide show here – the article is here.

I have to say I’m surprised not to see Michelle Malkin on that list, but nevertheless it’s fascinating to see the rise of the influence and popularity of the web in pictures. Make sure to check it out.

Update: ST readers “Fang” and “anon1” email to point out what the article says about why Malkin, and others like Arianna Huffington weren’t included, and it was because they were famous before they started their ventures on the I’net, which I missed in my haste to get the links posted. Fair enough.

Hat tip: ST reader Fat Tone (who is, BTW, now blogging over at Roger Fraley’s blog)

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