Global warming report: “Very likely” that gw is man-made and it’s here to stay, no matter what we do

For years and years global warming alarmists have been scaring people with their doomsday scenarios, intent on making them feel forced to ‘go green’ in an attempt to turn back the clock on global warming. So imagine my surprise to read today in the USA Today that it’s going to get worse no matter what we do, per the much-discussed IPCC report (emphasis added):

A United Nations report issued today by the world’s top climate scientists said global warning was “very likely” man-made and would bring higher temperatures and a steady rise in sea levels for centuries to come regardless of how much the world slows or reduces its greenhouse gas emissions.

How’s that for escalating the alarmism? We’re doomed, no matter what!

Hat tip: Curt at Flopping Aces, with additional links on global-warming related news at Don Surber’s, and, of course, Memeorandum.

Related: The NYTimes reports that some ‘climate experts’ are complaining that the IPCC’s report is not alarming enough. (Hat tip: Jonathan Adler)

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