Al Gore: ‘Global warming’ prophet?

Check out this nauseatingly one-sided interview CBS Early Show anchor Harry Smith did with global warming alarmist extraordinaire Al Gore and Richard Branson, the Chairman of Virgin Group. Branson is the billionaire I mentioned in the comments section of this thread who has, as the WaPo reported, “offered a $25 million prize for anyone who can come up with a way to blunt global climate change by removing at least a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year from the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Here’s a partial transcript (emphasis added):

Harry Smith: “There was an important conference in Paris just last week. Scientists came up with an idea that, because of global warming, and we feel like it’s basically caused by human beings and 90% sure it’s because of emissions. Do you think people in the United States understand that?”

Al Gore: “I think we’ve seen a big shift. We’re not there, yet. But we’re close to a political tipping point beyond which, I think you really are going to see a sea change in the way people demand that politicians in both parties make this their top priority.”

Harry Smith: “You have only known each other about a year or so as I understand it. Is Al Gore a prophet.”

Richard Branson: “How do you spell prophet? They — I think that Al Gore has been — has almost single handedly brought global warming to the forefront of the world. You know, outside America, he is perceived as a prophet spelled in the right way, and, you know, inside America I think a lot of people who have read well and know that, you know, know that he’s right and that something’s got to be done.”

Harry Smith: “Is this the right way to get your message across though? Because the question was asked in the press conference today, would you not be better off trying to affect this change from the White House as opposed to doing it in a sort of ‘Johnny Appleseed’ way, the way you’re doing it now.”

Translation: Harry Smith: “Man-made global warming is REAL and the American people need to understand that! Mr. Gore, you’re a prophet! Would you please run for president so you can take care of this?”

Nah, no agenda journalism there.

BTW, this isn’t the first time CBS has sounded the ‘gw’ alarm.

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