My love for Brit Hume …

My crush on Fox News’ Brit Hume is well known among my readers. As I wrote back in July about Hume:

Is that not the most adorable face you’ve ever seen?! Just watch him on Special Report sometime (especially The Political Grapevine) and you’ll see what I mean …. there’s just something about that face, what appears to be a humble nature, and the way he carries himself that makes ol’ ST’s heart turn to mush :D

This face, BTW, is the face I’m talking about:

Brit Hume
Brit Hume - pic courtesy of The Political Pit Bull
(Picture courtesy: The Political Pit Bull)


Anyway, the love just keeps on growing, thanks to Hume’s smackdown of the Iraq war position of Absolute Moral Authority cardholder Rep. John “cut and run” Murtha on this morning’s Fox News Sunday, as seen via this video clip posted at Hot Air.

Mr. Hume, you rocketh my world :)

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