Introducing “Planet Gore”

Love the name of NRO’s newest blog devoted to, what else, ‘global warming’ :) Peter Suderman wrote in the opening post:

From Al Gore and Laurie David to the UN’s IPCC report and Nancy Pelosi’s special global warming committee, global warming is one of the most talked-about and contentious public policy issues of the day. We are constantly told, as Rep. Henry Waxman recently claimed, that “it is one of the most important public policy issues facing our nation and the world.” But the hyped-up rhetoric doesn’t always accurately reflect the complexity of the issue. That’s where Planet Gore comes in. NRO has gathered a team of experts to report and comment on the myriad scientific and economic issues surrounding the global warming debate. So check back regularly for informed news and views about climate change, alternative energy, environmental activism, and of course, Al Gore’s carbon footprint.

Make sure to bookmark it.

Update: Speaking of Al Gore, the University of Minnesota is considering offering him an “honorary doctorate” for his “work in climatology”:

Former Vice President Al Gore could pay a visit to the University in the near future to receive an honorary degree for his work in climatology.

University President Bob Bruininks spilled the beans at the February Board of Regents meeting, saying that “two of our colleges are working with Vice President Gore to provide, we hope, an honorary doctorate.”

Gore has been in the news lately for his 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” about global warming. University spokesperson Daniel Wolter said since Gore is an expert in the subject, several colleges at the University have expressed interest in inviting Gore to speak on campus.

“He’s in the news and is a legitimate expert [Note: I thought the only gw ‘experts’ were scientists and climatalogists? –ST] on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change, so this level of interest is understandable,” Wolter said. “However, no plans have been set and it’s unlikely that would occur this spring.”


The University has given 223 honorary degrees to date. Past recipients include Yanni, Charles Schultz, Sandra Day O’Connor and Hillary Clinton.

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