Ok, as we all know, this month in basketball circles is considered “March Madness” because of the next several weeks worth of exciting NCAA basketball tourney games.

I’m in two pools, and have picked Kansas to beat Carolina in the final game (my full bracket can be viewed here – don’t laugh!). Even if I did think Carolina will win, it goes against my Duke Blue Devil heart to actually pick them to win it all. As it stands, I really do think Kansas will stick it to their former coach and those dreadful Tarheels.

Do I sound like a bitter Blue Devil fan, bitter that this season stank, bitter that we lost to the ‘heels twice, and bitter that we got knocked out in the first round of the ACC tourney, which – until this year – would have been considered unheard of? Why yes, I certainly do. :-< BTW, a little wishful/overly optimistic thinking on my part has them making it to the sweet 16, and being knocked out by UCLA.

Ok, if you’re participating in a pool, who’ve you got going all the way? Any teams you think will pull off upsets? There’s always a Cinderella story waiting to happen in the NCAA. Even if you’re not participating in the pool, the same questions apply.

Speaking of pools, Jim at bRight and Early has a creative way of helping decide on those last minute bracket picks. It’s called The Jack Bauer Method. Heh.

Update I: You can keep track of the latest scores here.

Update II: Duke loses in the first round to VCU 79-77. Embarassing. :((

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