Misc. blogosphere notes

—- Congrats to Brian at Iowa Voice who today is celebrating his second blogiversary. Here’s to many more :)

—- Jason at Texas Rainmaker’s 4th blogiversary was last week. Keep up the good work, Mr. Rainmaker :D

—- Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush fame marked his 4th blogiversary last week, also. I have a soft spot for Matt (and his fellow B4B blogger and friend Mark Noonan) as they were kind enough to invite and let me guest blog at B4B for a number of months back in 2005/2006. It was great working with them both. Keep an eye out for their upcoming book Caucus of Corruption, which will focus on Democratic party hypocrisy and corruption in detail. The expected publication date is April 17th.

—- One of my favorite bloggers, Greg Tinti from The Political Pit Bull, has left the blogosphere to pursue other interests that will take up so much time that he won’t have the time to devote to blogging. I sincerely wish Greg well and have let him know that if he is interested in doing some guest blogging when he has the chance, I’d certainly welcome him here to the ST guest blog. In the meantime, you’ll be missed, Greg.

—- Last but certainly not least, an update on Cathy Seipp from her daughter Maia:

Thanks to everyone who posted. As of 7:45am this morning she is still breathing and pulsing but is passing peacefully.

And Lewis Fein remembers Cathy here.

Please keep the Seipp family in your thoughts and prayers.

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