What constitutes “emergency objectives” to the Democratic House?

Wondering what kind of pork was loaded into last week’s war spending supplemental in order to persuade holdouts to vote for it? McQ has the list:

1) $24 million for funding for sugar beets.
2) $3 million for funding for sugar cane (goes to one Hawaiian co-op).
3) $20 million for insect infestation damage reimbursements in Nevada, Idaho, and Utah.
4) $2.1 billion for crop production losses.
5) $1.5 billion for livestock production losses.
6) $100 million for Dairy Production Losses.
7) $13 million for Ewe Lamb Replacement and Retention Program.
8) $32 million for Livestock Indemnity Program.
9) $40 million for the Tree Assistance Program.
10) $100 million for Small Agricultural Dependent Businesses.
11) $6 million for North Dakota flooded crop land.
12) $35 million for emergency conservation program.
13) $50 million for the emergency watershed program.
14) $115 million for the conservation security program.
15) $18 million for drought assistance in upper Great Plains/South West.
16) Provision that extends the availability by a year $3.5 million in funding for guided tours of the Capitol. Also a provision allows transfer of funds from holiday ornament sales in the Senate gift shop.
17) 165.9 million for fisheries disaster relief, funded through NOAA (including $60.4 million for salmon fisheries in the Klamath Basin region).
18) $12 million for forest service money (requested by the president in the non-emergency FY2008 budget).
19) $425 million for education grants for rural areas – (Secure Rural Schools program).
20) $640 million for LIHEAP.
21) $25 million for asbestos abatement at the Capitol Power Plant.
22) $388.9 million for funding for backlog of old Department of Transportation projects.
23) $22.8 million for geothermal research and development.
24) $500 million for wildland fire management.
25) $13 million for mine safety technology research.
26) $31 million for one month extension of Milk Income Loss Contract program (MILC)
27) $50 million for fisheries disaster mitigation fund.

Certain Democrats in the House didn’t want to continue funding our troops in Iraq … but the “emergency funding” (aka pork) for their states that was shoved into the bill coerced them into changing their minds.

This from a Democratic Congress that promised to ‘change how things work in Washington, DC.’ Uh huh.

More: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that Republicans in the Senate will ultimately not block House bill. Why? Read on:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday he won’t block Senate passage of an Iraq war spending bill even if the GOP fails to kill its troop withdrawal deadline because he knows President Bush will veto it.

Facing a cliffhanging vote this week, McConnell promised to fight the provision, which calls for—but does not require—combat troops to be brought home within a year. Even if he fails, McConnell said he won’t stand in the way of the bill’s final passage because the sooner it is sent to the president, the sooner Bush can veto it.

Unable to override the veto, Democrats will then be forced to redraft the bill without a “surrender deadline,” McConnell predicted.

“Our goal is to pass it quickly,” McConnell said of the war spending bill. “Our troops need the money.”

(Hat tip: Kim Priestap at Wizbang)

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