Making fun of people with cancer: A sick moonbat trend

Bob Owens has numerous links up to recent examples of moonbats gone wild and their latest in sick attempts at ‘humor’ by making fun of conservatives with cancer (like WH press secretary Tony Snow and the late but not forgotten writer and blogger Cathy Seipp).

I remember last week when the Edwards’ made the announcement that Elizabeth’s cancer had returned, and the comments about her and well wishes for her from conservatives were overwhelming. Regardless of her husband’s politics, the right put their political differences aside to wish the Edwards’ family all the best. On the other hand, moonbat reactions to Snow’s and Seipp’s respective cancers are, sadly, all too indicative of just how low the far left has fallen in their hatred for GWB and via extension, all Republicans/conservatives. Reason and sanity are gone out the window to be replaced with a mind-numbing, senseless desire to purge (via manufactured ‘scandals’ and ‘calls for apologies’) conservative thought out of American politics.

Update: Speaking of cancer, did you hear about how Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) managed to tie in funding to the Iraq war to cancer research? Via Matthew Balan at Newsbusters:

Wednesday’s CBS Evening News with Katie Couric featured another “The federal government is our only hope” segment, this time focusing on the “war on cancer.” Couric introduced the segment by arguing that cancer therapies were being thwarted because of “funding cuts that could delay or completely derail promising advances in the war of cancer.”

The story, by CBS correspondent Wyatt Andrews, featured only one member of Congress, Iowa’s Senator Tom Harkin, who echoed Couric and claimed that the “war on cancer” is in jeopardy due to war in Iraq. The “money” quote:

HARKIN: When you’re spending $8 billion a month in Iraq, it’s very tough to get the money for cancer research.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all.

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