“Innocent” Aussie David Hicks agrees to seven year plea deal (PLUS: OUTRAGEOUS – HICKS TO SERVE ONLY NINE MONTHS

Via AP:

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba – The prison sentence of an Australian detainee who pleaded guilty to a terrorism-related charge would be limited to seven years under terms of a plea bargain, a military judge at Guantanamo Bay said Friday.

The judge, Marine Corps. Col. Ralph Kohlmann, revealed the terms of the agreement at a hearing Friday on whether to accept David Hicks’ guilty plea.

It was not immediately clear whether the maximum sentence accounts for the five years Hicks has already spent at Guantanamo Bay. Under an agreement between the United States and Australia, Hicks will serve any sentence in Australia.

Now, I wonder where all the apologies are from the anti-war/hate Howard fanatics who rushed to Hicks defense not so much because they believed in his ‘innocence’ but more because they were using him as a symbol for all the things they ‘hate’ about ‘evil wars’?

Wondering, watching, waiting …

Update: Aussie Tim Blair had a little fun speculating earlier what kind of bargain would be reached. Heh.

PM Update: All but nine months of Hicks’ sentence has been suspended as part of the ‘deal.’ Unfreakingbelieveable!


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