The Rightosphere on the issues

John Hawkins recently surveyed several right wing bloggers, including yours truly, on their opinions on various hot button issues that are being debated today. The questions were:

1) If Scooter Libby loses his appeal and goes to jail, do you think George Bush, before he leaves office, should pardon him?

2) Should George Bush ask Alberto Gonzales to resign?

4) If the only way to stop the Iranians from acquiring nuclear missiles was through air strikes, would you support that course of action or do you think we should allow the Iranians to get nuclear weapons instead?

5) Which side do you believe is more responsible for the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

6) Do you believe the theory of evolution is correct?

7) Would you support an immigration bill that allowed illegal aliens to become American citizens?

8) Do you think abortion should either be banned or alternately banned with exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother?

The answers can be found here.

And in turn, I’d like to read your answers.

Oh, and while you’re at John’s blog, make sure to check out his latest YouTube video creation, titled “Hillary Hates Me!” ;)

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