US-Turkey relations: Speaker Pelosi at it again

Jim Geraghty has a must-read on the latest shenanigans Speaker Pelosi is up to as she once again tries to throw her weight around on the world stage as the third in line to the presidency and this time she’s not just ticking off the right – she’s upsetting the left, too:

Just FYI, tomorrow is “Nancy Pelosi Screws Up U.S.-Turkish Relations For The Next Decade Day.”

In your paper, you’re probably going to see it as a news brief, something like, “Nancy Pelosi forces the passage of a resolution marking the Armenian genocide,” and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll see a paragraph noting that the resolution’s passage comes in the face of dire warnings from the Bush administration, Bill Clinton, defense hawks, and anyone who wants Turkey to continue its role as a valued ally to the United States. There are diehard Democrats who work professionally with Turkey who are… not pleased with Pelosi.

Make sure to read it all.

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