More instances of fake ‘hate crime’ incidents being reported (UPDATE: HOUSE PASSES HR 1592)

Matt Barber has the details (he wrote about other instances here).

My question is: If ‘hate crimes’ in this country are supposedly so ‘commonplace’, then why do we continually read about instances where false reports have been filed on a ‘hate crime’ that never happened? Is it because so-called ‘victim groups’ in this country have been conditioned to feel like victiims to the point where they seek attention for their ’cause’ by conspiring to make themselves into one? Or perhaps are they shameless attempts to drum up support for ‘hate crime’ legislation?

The House will be voting on H.R. 1592: Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007, today.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review doesn’t mince words about the legislation:

The thought police are determined to establish under the banner of federal hate-crime legislation that not all are equal before the law. Some should be more equal.

Legislation approved by the House Judiciary Committee along party lines and headed for a vote in the full chamber expands the federal definition of hate crimes to include violence against a person’s sexual orientation or “gender identity,” whether it’s “actual or perceived.”

So convinced are Democrats in pursuing a higher level of victimhood that they voted down every Republican amendment.

So, if somebody shoots dead a homosexual — actual or perceived — he would face the added hate-crime offense as opposed to someone who shoots to death a heterosexual.

Did the shooter hate the heterosexual less?


From capital crimes to organized religion, the adherents of hate-crimes legislation don’t seem to know where to stop. A Catholic city official in Canada, for example, got slapped with a $1,000 fine for suggesting a gay couple’s lifestyle was not “normal.”

Singling out a special class of victims, and tipping in their favor the scales of justice, would be an injustice Congress must not condone.

Unfortunately, I have little doubt that the warm and fuzzy ‘do-gooders’ in the House will do just that today.

Update: Timothy Lynch: “Mr. President, get ready for another veto.”

Looks like he is indeed ready.

Evening Update: The House passed HR 1592 by a vote of 237-180.

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