Monday/24 open thread

Starting this one a little early.

I’m a gold medalist when it comes to freak accidents – today was one of those days.

I just took a dive in our parking lot here at the 8-5. It wasn’t a pretty scene. I’m the only person I know who can trip over her own feet on a totally flat surface with nothing there to trip over. Just another half an inch or so and my head would have hit the driver’s side door of a co-worker’s car. As it stands, my head ended up slightly underneath her car once my ungraceful fall completed itself.

Injury count: One scraped up left hand which I used to try and stop the fall, one sore right shoulder (the one I landed on), two very sore and scraped up knees (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a skirt), and the right side of my face, which bears a few minor surface scratches.

On one hand, I’m glad no one was around because it was – as most one person accidents are – highly embarassing. On the other hand, if my fall had been worse, I’d have been laying out there for a bit with no one around.

Ok, now that I’ve confessed to an embarassing moment not (thankfully) caught on a camera phone, do me the honors of sharing some of your more embarassing moments with me. It might even make me feel better ;)

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