Debunking the “the Kansas NG was depleted thanks to Iraq” myth

The dust had barely settled in Greensburg, KS, a town destroyed by a tornado on Friday which left 12 dead, when the mediots – along with the governor of KS, in full blame-Bush mode – tried to spin a supposedly lackluster National Guard response to the disaster on … Iraq.

Bryan Preston, who was a machine who debunked myth after myth on the Hurricane Katrina response, tore down the Kansas NG myth last night with ease. Make sure to read it all. McQ at QandO has some related debunking here and here.

And just as I was writing this, I got an email notification from MSNBC’s First Read. Their first headline?

Master of Disaster?
When Bush heads to Kansas today to inspect the damage caused by last week’s tornado, he’ll confront two different, yet intertwined, storylines that have dogged his presidency: Iraq and Katrina. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) has complained that the war has drained away precious National Guard resources, while yesterday’s Sebelius-White House flap brings back memories of the back-and-forth after Katrina. You know things are difficult for Bush when he can’t even step into a disaster zone — like he famously did after 9/11 — without political hell breaking loose.

The media is unrelenting in its desire to blame everything under the sun that goes wrong on the President, while not taking the time they need to to check the facts.

Let’s see. What else should we blame Bush for today? The cold fries we’re served at lunch? The dude that cuts us off at the red light? The air seeping out of our back right tires?


If you’d like to help in the Kansas tornado relief efforts, this link should help get you started.

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