Senator/Col. Lindsey Graham

Check out this interesting story on Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) visit to Baghdad last month. Little did we know that after Senator McCain – who was with him for the first part of the tour – left to go back home, Graham staid behind, donned fatigues for about 8 days, and became “Col. Graham”:

“I spent about eight days in Iraq, after Sen. McCain left, as Col. Graham,” he told CBS News Capitol hill correspondent Sharyl Attkisson in an exclusive interview.

Never before has a U.S. senator served active duty in Iraq. Graham, R-S.C., wore fatigues and a sidearm and was assigned to the new Rule of Law Task Force.

“The one thing I learned about the surge is that the military part of it — knocking down doors and shooting al Qaeda and arresting extremists — is part of it but not all of it,” he said. “There is a surge going on on the law front.”

As a lawyer who’s served in the Air Force, and in the Guard and Reserves for 25 years, Graham brought his legal expertise to a place where Saddam Hussein and his henchmen played judge, jury and executioner. Graham counseled the Iraqis on how different their courts must be now.

Click here to read, and watch, his story.

And speaking of Congress and Iraq, a few ‘moderate’ House Republicans are warning the President that they need to see positive results in Iraq – and soon.

Of course. There’s an election coming up, and these ‘moderates’ surely don’t want a failure in Iraq on their hands. But what these ‘moderates’ don’t seem to understand is that if they abandon the President on Iraq, they are virtually ensuring that failure.

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