Right wing blogs weigh in on the big issues of the day

John Hawkins recently took a poll of right wing bloggers to see where they stood on issues like embryonic stem cell research, an Iraq timeline, etc. Here are the results from one of the more interesting questions:

7) If we absolutely had to have a President chosen out of the Big 3 Democratic contenders, which one would you most prefer to see as the POTUS.

A) Hillary Clinton (19) — 59%
B) John Edwards (5) — 16%
C) Barrack Obama (8) — 25%

For the record, yours truly picked Barack Obama. Hillary hates the military and for that I could never support her, and I simply detest John “$400 hair cuts” Edwards as I think he is the epitome of a master snake oil salesman.

You can read the rest of the results here.

BTW, what would your answer be to question 7?

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