The war on Rosie O.: Rosie says attacks on her are because she’s a “fat lesbian.”

All I can say to this is GO ELISABETH HASSELBECK!

Hot Air has video of the exchange.

When all else fails and you can’t back up your insinuations, always play the victim card, right Rosie?

Chris Matthews, strangely, took issue with Rosie’s implication that our troops were the terrorists in Iraq. I say “strangely” because he once compared the Iraqi ‘insurgency’ to the the US during the Revolutionary War. Jeff Goldstein recapped as his blog at the time of Matthews’ comments:

From last evening’s “Hardball w/ Chris Matthews” comes this bizarre bit: Shortly after New York Times columnist Bob Herbert condemned the US for forcing democracy on Iraqis “at the point of a gun” Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen had this to say: “There’s another word for ‘insurgents’ in Iraq, and that’s ‘residents.'” Not to be outdone, Matthews himself (channeling Brian Williams) then added: “‘Insurgents’ are what the British called us in the Revolutionary War. It’s true”—an observation which, if I didn’t know better, might lead me to conclude Chris was trying to draw some sort of parallel or something.

Comparing the insurgency in Iraq to Revolutionary war heroes is ok in Chris Matthews book, but is he honestly claiming he draws the line at insinuating that our troops are the terrorists, when he’s essentially said the same thing?


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