Barack and Hillary: Another thing in common

Not only are they anti-war Democrats who voted against funding our troops, but neither one of them can sing.

Here’s Barack singing “Happy Birthday” – he starts about 40 seconds into the clip:

Here’s Hillary singing the national anthem (about 25 seconds in):

For that matter, Denny Hastert butchered the national anthem, too:

See, I also have something in common with them – I can’t sing, either :D However, I usually try to make sure I’m as far away from a microphone as I can when I sing, and if I know one is close by, I mouth the words (I must admit I do like to karaoke, but I have to have a drink or two to get my courage up for that – LOL). I give these ‘singers’ an “A” for effort, but nothing else.

Politicians should really stick to, well, politics ;)

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