Name The Goracle’s new book

Oh man, this is freaking hiliarous! Check out other photos of that event, which featured the Prophet, here. The pix of all the SUVs were especially funny, considering the event ;)

Thanks to Sev for sending along the link!

Incidentally, have you heard that Formula One racing is talking about going green? F1 is, of course, an ‘international’ racing organization, which means there is a lot more pressure on them to “go green” because Europeans are so much more ‘with it’ on issues paramount to our SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!!! like this one then us Amurikins.

I’d love to see the NASCAR reactions should anyone from the enviro-wacko segment of our society ever approach them about making their cars more ‘earth-friendly.’

And speaking of NASCAR, which is holding their annual biggest race of the year right here in Charlotte, NC this weekend, I guess some people must be really desperate to get into racing!

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