Misc links/Thursday-Friday open thread

It’s Friday eve. Somebody gimme a “hell yeah!” Been a long, busy week, but a productive one, and I am definitely counting down the minutes til 5pm Friday.

Before I post my list of links for the evening, I want to thank the readers of this blog for being patient and continuing to visit even though blogging has been almost non-existent during the daytime hours for the last couple of weeks. As you can see, I work hard to make up for it in the evening. Readership, as far as I can see, has not suffered from my sporadic blogging and I just wanted to express my appreciation to everyone for continuing to visit, read, comment, and email in spite of that. I will continue to blog when I can during the day, but for the time being most of the heavy blogging will be done at night.

Ok, now on to the links:

—– Make sure to check out the Wall Street Journal’s piece on the new World Bank president, Robert Zoellick, and their suggestions for what he needs to do to clean up the World Bank. Zoellick will be taking over from Paul Wolfowitz, who resigned earlier this month after the WB corruptocrats admittedly cooked up a bogus scandal in order to force him out because they didn’t like being held to any standards other than the one that goes something like “you scratch my back, I scratch yours.” (Hat tip: ST reader Sev)

—– Interested in a seat on the Watcher’s Council? Click here to find out what to do.

—– Must-read: George Will writes “The Case for Conservatism” – which makes me long for an honest-to-goodness real conservative president and Congress. Sigh …

—– Why oh why has the media virtually ignored the story of the AQ torture chamber found in Iraq? Maybe because they’d rather focus on how ‘evil’ our troops supposedly are rather than the real evil that those troops are combatting in Iraq?

—– Interesting: According to former Kerry strategist Bob Shrum, Kerry has since said that he regrets having picked John Edwards as a running mate in 2004.

—– Senator Sam Brownback gives his thoughts on evolution in the NYT? Ooookay.

—– Great news for Democrats: The economy “slowed” in the first quarter – the worst quarter in four years.

—– Former FBI director Louis Freeh is endorsing former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

—– Yawn alert: “Outed” former CIA agent Valerie Plame is suing the CIA, accusing them of “unconstitutionally interfering with publication of her memoir.”

When oh when will this story go away?

—– Congrats to ST reader Karl, who passed the 100,000th visit mark on his blog on Tuesday. Way to go, Karl! Keep up the great work.

—- Last but not least, the Rev. Billy Graham’s library was dedicated here in Charlotte today, and included in that dedication were all sorts of well-known public figures including former presidents Bush, Clinton, and Carter. I can’t wait to visit the library. Bush got a little teary-eyed talking about Graham.

I heard that at the begining of the library, you see a part of a barn – the original barn he used here in Charlotte when his ministry was born over 60 years ago. He’s a wonderful man who has spread the word of God to millions of people, and this library is a fitting tribute to him. The story and many photos of the dedication are here. And make sure to check out this awesome video tour of the library given by his son Franklin. A video recap of the dedication, including the 88 year-old Reverend Graham speaking at there, can be viewed here. The library opens to the public next Tuesday, and admission is free – the way they hope to keep it.

Supposedly, this will be Graham’s final public appearance.

God bless you, Reverend, aka “America’s Pastor.”

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