Fraudulent science then and now


James Lewis at The American Thinker recently wrote a piece about the fraudulent science Stalin was sold on, in comparison to the fraudulent science of “man-made” global warming that the usual suspects try to sell people on today, and finds some similarities (h/t: ST reader Sev):

Trofimko Lysenko is not a household name; but it should be, because he was the model for all the Politically Correct “science” in the last hundred years. Lysenko was Stalin’s favorite agricultural “scientist,” peddling the myth that crops could be just trained into growing bigger and better. You didn’t have to breed better plants over generations, as farmers have been doing for ages. It was a fantasy of the all-powerful Soviet State. Lysenko sold Stalin on that fraud in plant genetics, and Stalin told Soviet scientists to fall into line — in spite of the fact that nobody really believed it. Hundreds of thousands of peasants starved during Stalin’s famines, in good part because of fraudulent science.

There is such a thing as pathological science. Science becomes unhealthy when its only real question — “what is true?” — is sabotaged by vested interests, by ideological Commissars, or even by grant-swinging scientists. Today’s Global Warming campaign is endangering real, honest science. Global Warming superstition has become an international power grab, and good science suffers as a result.

Make sure to read it all.

On a related note, as I’ve been writing this, I’ve been watching the pre-game show for tonight’s Dallas/Eagles game on NBC, and they’ve just officially kicked off their “Green is Universal” campaign by turning off many of their studio lights and changing the NBC logo to a green color. So this makes it the second time this year that NBC has devoted itself to taking an official stand on a political issue.

Update: Bryan at Hot Air isn’t impressed with NBC’s green campaign, either. Hopefully they’ll get some video and/or screen caps of this stupid nonsense so people who missed the show can see the silliness for themselves.

Monday AM Update: Bryan at Hot Air has posted video of NBC’s absurdity.

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