Mike Nifong and Bill Clinton: Separated at birth?

Mike Nifong and Bill Clinton

Hmmm …

Anyway, Nifong’s trial, where he is being charged with numerous ethics violations stemming from his criminal (pun intended) handling of the Duke lacrosse rape case, began today. A female Nifong supporter had to be removed from the courtroom:

Victoria Peterson, who says she is a political activist in Durham, has loudly supported Nifong over the past year, having publicly said the district attorney has been treated unfairly because he tried to help a black woman.

According to sources in the courtroom, Maryellen Finnerty, the mother of Collin Finnerty, one of three men indicted and charged in the Duke lacrosse case, felt threatened when Peterson started speaking loudly.

“Victoria Peterson”? C’mon now, Congresswoman Maxine Waters. We know that was really you

KC Johnson, BTW, is liveblogging the trial. Just keep scrolling. John in Carolina watched some of it on CourtTV and wrote about it here.

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