Immigration links

Here are some misc. links of interest from around the blogosphere and news outlets as it relates to the immigration bill:

—- Fox News is reporting that the bill is not dead, and that the bill’s proponents are working towards making concessions (gasp!) -including more $$ for a border fence- which they believe might help the bill pass in the Senate the next time around.

—- Lorie Byrd feels similarly to the way I do about how Republicans have handled the debate on this issue. Believe me, there are a lot more out there who share that opinion but who aren’t expressing it publicly because they’re both disgusted and disillusioned like I am that Republicans in general can’t disagree civilly about this.

—- Counseling Kevin is on a similar wavelength, and shares some additional thoughts on the bill.

—- AJ Strata calls for conservatives to find ‘common ground’ on the issue. I’m don’t think that will happen, AJ, at least not until a Democrat takes control of the WH in 2008 and has a Democrat Congress that will make the those conservatives who insinuated and advanced the idea that Bush was a traitor named ‘Jorge’ and ‘in bed with Mexico and big business’ over this issue wish they hadn’t.

—- John Hawkins recently surveyed select rightie bloggers on many issues, among them, the immigration bill. You can read the results of that poll here.


As always, I’m interested in your thoughts on this issue. I’d like to say “thanks” to the participants in the discussion from my prior lengthy post on this topic, who were passionate but kept it civil and thought-provoking. That’s how this discussion should be. I can always count on the commenters to this blog to be a cut above the rest :)

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