“I don’t think [Coulter] has any shame”

So sayeth the man who wants to be Panderer, er, Commander in Chief:

A day after his wife Elizabeth called in to MSNBC’s “Hardball” to confront conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards made his own appearance on the show.

He dismissed Coulter, calling her “mean-spirited” having no shame and being “crazy.” He defended his wife’s efforts to ask Coulter to drop her personal attacks, saying, “You have to stand up to them.”

“I don’t think [Coulter] has any shame; there’s no doubt about that” Edwards said. “I think that’s just the way she behaves. That’s who she is. And I think that’s a lot of what we see from these people who are just — that are crazy.”

Neither do you, pal. Neither do you.

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