Pelosi: Bush not “worth impeaching”

LOL! Jules Crittenden has the post of the day after Pelosi’s announcement to a group of hungry liberal bloggers that the President is not worth impeaching:

But let me get this straight. Bush and his “junta” are a gang of criminals who have hijacked the United States and trampled on the Constitution, sent U.S. soldiers to meaningless deaths in an illegal war, imprisoned innocent militants in the hated Crusader gulag at Guantanamo, caused the world to hate us, thumbed their noses at Congress, subverted the Justice Department, etc. But despite these outrages, it “wouldn’t be worth expending the political capital and effort to push the process forward.”

This is interesting. He has committed all these crimes, but it isn’t worth it. What kind of crimes does he need to commit? Here’s a hint:

… the courts would be particularly unfriendly to Democratic moves for criminal investigations unless they substantially “built the cases” for each move.

Real crimes, apparently. Crimes on which cases must be built. But that’s an awful lot of work. Really hard. Even harder if you don’t have any crimes to start with. OK, moving on:

Zing :)

Keep reading it, as Obama’s apparently also saying, in so many words, that Bush isn’t worth impeaching.

Strange, those Democrats. They’ll investigate the President and administration for everything under the sun in hopes of finding a ‘smoking gun’, yet now we find out he’s not really done anything ‘worth impeaching.’

Boggles the mind … :-?

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