Ted Kennedy On The Floor Of The Senate

Not literally, mind you…although, given his past history, it wouldn’t surprise me. =)

No, this is a speech (or rant, if you will) he gave to the Senate:

Whoa…check out that red face. It looks like he’s about to have a stroke or something. lol

Seriously, though, it’s just the height of all hypocrisy that these guys stand up there and have the nerve to complain about “obstruction”, when that’s all they did when Republicans had the majority. And I can’t believe they have the nerve to actually be saying “we want an up or down vote”, when that’s exactly what Republicans were demanding this time last year.

Shoulda went with the nuclear option, Dems…but it’s too late now, isn’t it?

(Hat tip to Hot Air)

Update: I think I spoke too soon:

What a difference eight months make. Senator majority leader Harry Reid, still smarting from having his hat handed to him twelve hours earlier on the Senate floor by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, opened the Friday session of the Senate by previewing coming events next week in the Senate. It was during his calendar talk on the Kennedy Student Loans and Grants Act that he noticed Utah Senator Robert Bennett also on the floor, and had this to say as an aside.

Go read the rest, because you won’t believe it.

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