Friday/Weekend open thread

I shall be back later tonight, ya’ll. TGIF :)

Sat AM Update: I’ll be involved in a painting project at mom and dad’s for most of the day and will be away from the blog for most, if not all of it. If I’m not too tired, I’ll check in later this evening.

This is “prep the room for painting” day, which will include peeling off wallpaper, cleaning the windowsills, taking down the blinds and curtain, Kilzing the room … dad has the really fun job of scraping some of the paint that is chipping and cracking off the ceiling, so that part of the day should be fuuuuun. Not! LOL. Next Saturday is when we will actually be doing the painting. I anticipate a good looking, updated bathroom, complete with a sore back and sore shoulders … LOL.

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