“Global warming deniers” piece: Not Newsweek’s finest hour (MORE: GLOBAL WARMING “BONDS”)

Noel Sheppard writes a must-read smack down of a piece Newsweek did this weekend on the “well-funded machine” of “global warming deniers.” Sheppard writes:

Manmade global warming alarmism took a disgraceful turn for the worse this weekend when Newsweek published a lengthy cover-story repeatedly calling skeptics “deniers” that are funded by oil companies and other industries with a vested interest in obfuscating the truth.

In fact, the piece several times suggested that publishing articles skeptical of man’s role in climate change is akin to misleading Americans about the dangers of smoking.

Despicably titled “Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine,” the article painted a picture of an evil cabal whose goal is to thwart science at the detriment of the environment and the benefit of their wallets.

Worse still, the piece’s many authors painted every skeptical scientific report they referred to as being part of this cabal while including absolutely no historical temperature data to prove that today’s global temperatures are in any way abnormal.

Maybe most disingenuous, there wasn’t one word given to how much money corporations and entities with a vested interest in advancing the alarmism are spending, or who they are. Yet, in the very first paragraph, one of the main participants in this evil cabal was identified (emphasis added throughout):

Read the whole thing.

I’m not sure which is worse: Newsweek referring to those who disagree with gw alarmists as ‘deniers’ (a la Holocaust deniers) or the fact that Newsweek all but ignored the money being made out of unnecessarily scaring the hell out of people who’ve been told we must do something “NOW!!” in order to save this planet.

Update I: Here’s a related Newsbusters piece: Renowned Economics Writer Slams UN’s IPCC As Deserving of Disdain.

Update II: Global warming strategy debated:

Montgomery County officials are looking into whether a bond can be issued to pay for greenhouse gas reduction projects as part of a larger strategy to fight global warming.

Although local governments regularly float bonds to pay for large long-term projects, it’s not clear if cutting global climate change fits into a pre-existing category.

“The county can only do what the Legislature said it can do in writing. … We just can’t willy-nilly do whatever we want” Montgomery County Commissioners’ Chairman Tom Ellis said at Thursday’s meeting.

Without a national strategy to cut greenhouses gases, state, county and local governments are going ahead with their own plans to curb climate change. Many have urged their citizens to do likewise.

Philadelphia has already adopted a greenhouse gas reduction plan, and Bucks and Delaware counties are both looking into doing so, said Steve Nelson, the county’s deputy chief operating officer.

Global warming falls within the county’s general purview of health, safety and general welfare because the potential effects include increased rainfall and flooding, as well as extremely hot days, Nelson said.

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