Media bias alert: Blatant bias seen in media’s reporting an “Iraq/Vietnam” comparison by the President

Numerous blogs caught a major goof by ABC News in a headline posted there about a speech the President gave today on the Iraq war before a VFW convention, in which he claimed that we can’t leave Iraq, because it would be disastrous, just like it was when we left Vietnam. Flopping Aces has the screencap.

And Clay Waters at Newsbusters catches the NYT flip-flopping on the validity of making Iraq to Vietnam comparisons.

The media made a huge deal out of the comparison today, as though it was the first time the President had ever made the comparison, but apparently they have short attention spans as last November, the President echoed a similar theme about the Iraq war and how we can’t leave or it will turn into another Vietnam – and he did so while he was in Vietnam. The publisher of those remarks? None other than the NYT.

I swear, the mediots have become so predictable most of us could do this stuff in our sleep.

BTW, here’s a transcript of the speech – there’s audio at that same link as well.

Related: Speaking of media bias, don’t miss my friend and fellow North Carolinian Patrick O’Hannigan’s piece about the media’s desperate attempts at trying to remain relevant, and his suggestions for what they should be doing instead in order to try and earn back a significant level of credibility and respectability. See also: Don Surber’s short, sweet, and to the point analysis of Bush’s VFW speech.

Update: Amy Proctor has video highlights from the President’s speech. You can watch them here.

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