Shirtless presidents?!

Wow – when I logged on to Drudge’s website just now, I certainly wasn’t anticipating seeing these two pictures:

Russian president Vladimir Putin on
a recent trip to the Siberian mountains.

France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy, on his visit to
New Hampshire from a couple of weeks ago.(That photo,
by the way, was airbrushed by the French magazine L’Express.)

I don’t really cotton to seeing shirtless pix of world leaders because that’s not the way I really want to look at them – unless they looked like Hugh Jackman or Matthew McConaughey, which in either case would mean I’d be forced to make an exception to my rule. :D

That said, the shirtless pix above in no way compare with one of the most unintentionally sexy moments for a world leader ever caught on camera – not shirtless, but in a flight suit instead:

Now, normally I would never put the words “President Bush” and “sexy” in the same sentence, but in this case … ;;)

Update: In semi-sorta related news, Jules Crittenden blogged today about a new campaign in Australia designed to “stop young studs from speeding” – by suggesting that guys who speed do so because they’re making up for, uh, deficiencies elsewhere ;)

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