Weekend open thread

FYI, lately I’ve had several linkbacks sent my way from, ahem, popular liberal blogs, which has put me in the position of having to liberally (no pun intended) add obnoxious and rude commenters from those sites to my IP#/word blacklist.

If you’re a regular here and your comments aren’t showing up, please email me and let me know so I can look for and correct the problem. When I ban an IP#, I usually will check it against prior comments, to make sure I’m not adding one of those IP#s that anyone can have, but I realize that method may not always be perfect. Not only that, but sometimes I may add a word to the blacklist that is a common spam word, and a partial match of that word can sometimes land a comment in the blacklist black hole, where I will never see it. If you bump up against a situation where your comments repeatedly aren’t showing up, if you can, save a copy of what you tried to post and email that to me as well. I will work hard to get to the bottom of it, as I hate that my attempts at keeping this site free of moonbats and spam sometimes catches regular commenters in the process :(

Apologies for any inconveniences.

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