Tuesday open thread, and more on Senator Larry Craig

When you spend as much time on the computer as I do, between the 8-5 and blogging, it begins to take its toll on your eyes, and mine are really bothering me today. I’m getting ready to head home and give my eyes a rest (read: sleep), so feel free to use this thread to post on the hot topics of the day until I return later this evening.

Also, a HUGE word of thanks is in order to the readers to this blog, as today saw the ol’ Sitemeter tick past the 900,000 mark. Looks like I may hit a cool mil this year after all – in blog visits, that is ;)

The big story continues to be disgraced Senator Larry Craig, and what the future holds for him in light of his arrest for lewd conduct at an airport back in June. Hugh Hewitt is calling for Craig’s immediate resignation.

What do you think?

Update: I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to this piece from the Lord of the Lies Glenn Greenwald, trying to spin my opinion on Larry Craig as a “then versus now” type of opinion, as if to suggest there’s something hypocritical in what I said then versus now, which is interesting, considering in my post last night on Larry Craig I linked back up to that very same piece I wrote on Craig back in October, which doesn’t contain a trace of hypocrisy except in the minds of selective fact quoters such as Rick Ellensburg (aka Glenn Greenwald) himself. Why would I link back to something I had written nearly a year ago if I felt it was in any way hypocritical? I still think Mike Rogers is a disgusting individual and just because it’s been confirmed that Larry Craig is gay doesn’t change that fact. I also addressed the “gay” issue in that post, as well as my most recent one. I encourage anyone who is interested in the facts to read – or re-read that post, and not take the left’s favorite sock puppet’s (for the backstory on that, go here) word for anything I’ve written about the issue.

Perhaps this is an attempt at revenge for the blog equivalent of a smackdown I laid on him last week. Or maybe his definition of ‘hypocrisy’ is miles away from most people’s. Wouldn’t be surprising, since Salon’s blogger of perpetual outrage has developed quite a knack for redefining terms to suit his arguments, as Jason Steck noted here (check the comments to that post, as well, for more) last week. Nice try, Glenn, but you lose. Again.

PM Update: I’m well-rested and ready to resume blogging. Getting ready to eat some dinner, and I shall return shortly thereafter.

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