Katrina: Two years later

The stories about the two year anniversay of Katrina are all over the news this morning already, but before you get started on reading their “before/after” recaps, make sure to check out Tigerhawk’s post in which he asks: Katrina reconstruction: Will government’s failure make people more self-reliant? A snippet:

So, my question for your discussion should now be obvious: Since people all over the United States have now seen that government flood insurance and disaster relief is far from effective, will they be less likely to take on risks notwithstanding a subsidized government insurance scheme? Will they be more likely to rely on themselves to rebuild their houses and their lives notwithstanding the promises of politicians that governments will do it for them? Will Americans become more self-reliant because Katrina has taught them that they must be? Finally, if you answer “no” to any of these questions and yet you claim to be opposed to “big government,” reconcile the inconsistency.

Bryan Preston, who was the blogger to watch during the Katrina disaster and its aftermath, wrote a comprehensive post last year on the anniversary of Katrina that is well worth taking the time to read, or re-read (whichever the case may be), in light of today’s anniversary and all the stories we’re sure to see which will once again try and play the blame game.

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