Watch for shrieking radical feminists

Last week, I blogged about the blatant double standards radical feminists use in order to suppress speech they don’t want to hear from men. In my post, I linked up to a Kathleen Parker piece where she pointed out that one female MIT biologist actually complained “that she felt she was either going to faint or throw up” after listening to former Harvard President Larry Summer’s speech in which he suggested that the reason men are more successful in professions like science could be the fact that male and female minds are different and that men are smarter in certain areas than women are.

Well, today comes a story out of the Sunday Times that will make radical feminists like that MIT biologist go ballistic:

Psychologists have found a justification for the male strangehold on Nobel prizes – there are twice as many men as women in the brightest 2% of the population.

But although men may win the top prizes, they cannot claim a clear-cut victory in an intellectual battle of the sexes. The study shows that men also cluster at the opposite extreme, with twice as many men as women stuck in the least intelligent 2%.

Seeking to compare inherent male and female intelligence has proved perilous for academics – last year Lawrence Summers, the president of Harvard, lost his job after he suggested women might not scale the same intellectual heights as men.

Comparisons have been flawed because of the difficulty of accounting for unequal opportunities. But the new findings, in research by four British-based psychologists – all men – claim to untangle the effects of family background.

They analysed the intelligence of more than 2,500 brothers and sisters, measured by tests in science, maths, English and mechanical ability. Women scored significantly higher on language skills; men won on science and arithmetic.

There was no significant difference in the average intelligence of men and women, when all the test results were taken together. However, the analysis showed that men were far more likely to be be found at extremes of the intelligence scale. At the time of the study, men had been awarded 545 out of the 557 Nobel prizes for science.


In all seriousness, I take ‘reports’ like these with a grain of salt. In fact, I don’t even think it should take a study to be able to conclude that men are smarter than women in certain areas and women are smarter than men on certain issues. This is a good thing. All the same, I have to admit that I delight when stories like this are published, because I know it will aggravate the feministas to no end :D

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