Breaking news: Spider holds ST hostage in her own home (WEDS/THURS OPEN THREAD)

I wanted to take a bit of a break from politics to tell you about the tense hostage situation going on in my home.

First, I don’t know if I’ve admitted it on this blog before, but I am very afraid of spiders. Have been since I was very young. I’m one of those people you would find standing on a chair if it was the only thing between me and a spider getting too close. In fact, that happened fairly recently. Earlier this year (or was it last year?), I had the exterminator who takes care of the exterminating at my work come out and get rid of a spider and its web which was right there at my kitchen window. He informed me afterwards that it was one of the “friendly” variety of spiders, to which I responded that I have never seen a spider that looked “friendly.”

This past weekend as I was walking out my back door to take out the garbage, I noticed what distinctly looked like the beginnings of a spider web being woven in between my backyard storage room and my neighbors. There was a long vertical line on my side on the top corner of the building, but on my neighbor’s side I noticed that the web was a lot more intricate. Quickly scanning to see if the spider was in sight and not seeing it, I dashed back into the house and got the broom, and used the broomstick to pull down the web. Mission accomplished.

Or so I thought.

I looked back over to my neighbor’s side a short time later to see the web hanging, and the spider walking down it – presumably to assess the damage. Figuring that I had done enough damage to it that he wouldn’t be able to reweave it, I went on about my daily business. Well, the next morning when I opened up the blinds I looked over … and there the blasted thing was. He had not rebuilt it exactly as he had originally, but instead had built the web from the top corner of my neighbor’s storage building to (I think) the property line right there between my townhome and his, creating sort of a “triangle.” For the last three nights, I have wanted to go out onto my back porch, only to see that spider is still hanging out – literally – in the same spot.

Tonight, when I tried to be brave and actually opened the back door, he started walking towards me. And I don’t think he wanted to be my friend. I froze for a second and then collected my wits and ran back inside. So, in effect, this bleeping spider is holding me hostage in my own home, preventing me from going out the back door. Earlier this week, I thought about asking my neighbor to kindly do something about it, but had second thoughts, thinking that eventually the thing would blow or go away. But it hasn’t.

So tomorrow, I shall ask.

Ok, so now that I’ve made this deep confession about my fear of spiders, I know there are tons of you out there who will take this opportunity to reveal that you, too, have a strong aversion to the creepy crawlies :D And for those who don’t, this is, as the title suggests, an open thread, so feel free to post whatever you’d like to talk about.

Update I: LOL! I see this post has been linked up at Memeorandum as a one of their three “featured posts” of the moment … so hello if you’re visiting here from there – and thanks, BCB, for the concern ;)

Update II: I wanted to add a few links to this post:

—- Mike at The Monkey Centre has blogged about the latest attempt by UK “leaders” to rewrite British history. Why would they want to do that, you may ask? Because they want to make sure it includes more “positive contributions” to history that Muslims have made. It reminds me of a story I blogged about earlier this year concerning British teachers who were not teaching the Holocaust out of fear of “offending” Muslim students. The British are clearly studying up on how to teach Dhimmitude 101 to the next generation.

—- Tim Blair has even more on the those who fell for the media’s spin on Bush’s comment about there being no more Mandelas because “Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.”

—- A mistrial has been declared in the murder trial of Phil Spector. If you’ve been following it, do you think he’s guilty or innocent?

—- The underhanded nature of MoveOn money man George Soros has been revealed to be even more extensive. Investor’s Business Daily has the story. Read more on that here. (h/t: ST readers Sev and Fat Tone).

—- Steve Milloy of has upped his original offer of $100,000 to $125,000 to anyone who can conclusively prove that global warming is man-made.

—- Related to global warming, the Goracle and Bubba are back together again, this time time calling for a “global Marshall plan” to combat so-called “man-made global warming.”

—- Weird: A student carrying a rifle was arrested today on the St. John’s campus. What was he wearing? A GWB mask.

—- Jim at bRight and Early, one of my first friends I made in the blogosphere, is going through a bit of a rough time and could use some help. Go here to find out why and how you can.

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