War on terror news roundup

Submitted for your perusal:

—- Bad news for cut and run Democrats: Military and civilian casualties are way down in Iraq:

The decline signaled a U.S. success in bringing down violence in Baghdad and surrounding regions since Washington completed its infusion of 30,000 more troops on June 15.

A total of 64 American forces died in September — the lowest monthly toll since July 2006.

The decline in Iraqi civilian deaths was even more dramatic, falling from 1,975 in August to 922 last month, a decline of 53.3 percent. The breakdown in September was 844 civilians and 78 police and Iraqi soldiers, according to Iraq’s ministries of Health, Interior and Defense.

In August, AP figures showed 1,809 civilians and 155 police and Iraqi soldiers were killed in sectarian violence.

The civilian death toll has not been so low since June 2006, when 847 Iraqis died.

The surge continues to produce positive results.

—- Speaking of the surge, Michael J. Totten has more on the progress being made in Anbar, in a post complete with pictures, titled “The Peace Corps with Muscles.”

—- A terrorist attack on the US embassy in Vienna was thwarted today after the Bosnian terrorist’s bag set off the metal detector. He tried to flee, but was later arrested. Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna blog has more, and Jeffrey Imm at the Counterterrrorism blog notes that Vienna is becoming a hotbed of activity for Islamofascism.

—- Pakistan’s parliamentary elections will be in January, but already radical Islamists are gearing up (quite literally) to influence it, and today was no exception: Suicide Blast Kills 15 In Pakistan.

—- An Afghan teenager was hanged by Taliban terrorists after the discovery that he was carrying US money.

—- The very brave and outspoken critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali is back in the Netherlands, as there is a debate going on about who is responsible for paying for her security. For background on why she had to leave in the Netherlands in the first place, go here.

—- Robert Spencer has the details on an Al-Qaeda linked radical Islamist group that wants to open a school for boys right next to the 2012 Olympic village. Shoebomber Richard Reid and two of the 7/7 terrorists were members of the Islamofascist group “Tablighi Jamaat,” profiled here.

—- Charles Johnson has a post up which discusses a new campaign launched by Muslims which was designed to counter “Islamophobia” in the UK.

—- Blake Powers aka the Laughing Wolf is in embedded in Iraq, and files this report.

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