In spite of judge’s ruling, Craig won’t resign

Senator Larry CraigEven though he pledged back at the end of August that he would resign from the Senate, effective 9/30, and in spite of a judge’s ruling yesterday that Craig will not be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to the charge of disorderly conduct, the Idaho Senator is now refusing to resign.

There were hints that he was reconsidering his resignation just days after he made it public that he would resign, so it’s not exactly shocking that he didn’t step down on 9/30, nor will he in light of the judge’s ruling. Surprising – no. Disappointing, yes.

James Joyner’s post on the issue pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. Craig’s word at this point is meaningless. He’s claiming he ‘won’t run for re-election’ next year, but seeing how many times he’s tried to backtrack in the last few months, it makes it impossible to believe him.


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