The Coming Tax Bill

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Politico calls it a “tax war” launched by Charles Rangel, which I find ironic. I mean, let’s face it, Democrats won’t fight a war on terrorism, but they’ll certainly fight one on taxes:

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles B. Rangel had one message for the tax world: Rest up now, because next week a two-front war will begin.

Rangel said on Wednesday that he’ll introduce not just one, but two, major tax proposals. It’s a political power play by the New York Democrat, who aspires to completely revamp the entire tax code over the next two years.

His first bill will deliver a long-awaited one-year patch of the alternative minimum tax, a levee that threatens to hit 24 million upper- and middle-income taxpayers this year. Many in Congress want the tax trap averted ASAP.

“We will be telling the IRS not to worry, we will be extending AMT [relief]” Rangel told reporters.

The second bill, however, is Rangel’s real goal, the monster of the tax world that both thrills and horrifies lobbyists: a $1 trillion massive tax overhaul. The legislation, Rangel boasted, will simplify the tax code, eradicate the AMT for good and ring up costs topping $1 trillion.

I’m sure that $1 trillion price tag is just the tip of the global warming-produced iceberg. Democrats have all kinds of taxes up their sleeves, and if we get Saint Hillary as the 44th President (*shudder!*), you can bet they’ll be rolling them all out.

As for why the need to raise taxes, well, I think AllahPundit found the answer. Charles Rangel needs a “presidential library, without the president”. And who’s going to pay for it? Him? Don’t be silly! The billionaire who’s behind it? Ha!

It’s quite simple, really: you’re going to pay for it. We ALL will be paying for it.

I find it almost hysterically funny that these Democrats were elected to end the war, cut out the pork, reform Congress (“drain the swamp”…remember that?), and a host of other things, and yet they’ve managed to do virtually nothing. A big “See, I Told You So” from me in that department. =)

And it isn’t, as the left will say, because Republicans have obstructed them on everything (funny how when they did it, it was the greatest thing in the world, but when Republicans dare to do it, it’s outrageous). It’s because they’re too busy putting together talking points, having meetings about what the topic of the next meeting is going to be, and playing politics with just about every issue they can think of. In other words, they’re falling into the same trap that Republicans fell into: they’re too busy trying to keep their jobs than actually DOING their jobs.

Which works out great for us, because if they continue along this path, then we may yet snatch a victory of sorts in Congress. No, we probably won’t get the majority back, but we can keep it close enough so that they can’t pass their socialist agenda.

Update: Speaking of earmarks:

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