Harry Reid Eats Some Crow

(I’m filling in for ST the next few days. You can read more of my work at my blog, Liberty Pundit.)

I kept waiting for the “mmm-mmm, this is delicious”, but it never came. Video is here.

I just love how he said “we didn’t have time, or every Democratic Senator would have signed it.” Riiiight. Because there was a time limit or due date to turn in the letter, like he’s in gradeschool and this is an overdue assignment (don’t be fooled, they just act like they’re in gradeschool).

Captain Ed thinks this is an attempt to get on the right side of the issue, acting as though Reid and his cohorts had anything to do with raising the money for charity. No doubt he realized he stepped in it, but if he’s trying to get some share of the credit, that boat sailed some time ago. If he and his pals want any kind of credit for this, they’d best get out their checkbooks…otherwise, they need to just shut up.

Hot Air has the video of Rush announcing the winning bid.

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