Randi Rhodes Has No Idea What Happened

(I’m filling in for ST the next few days. You can read more of my work at my blog, Liberty Pundit.)

But let’s all blame the right-wing anyway, shall we?

Seriously, listen to this audio:

She’s basically confirmed what has been said over the past few days (that she was at an Irish Pub), and then she adds that she “hadn’t had anything to eat all day.”

That’s what happened, folks. If she had as many bloody marys as a person who was there claims, then there’s your answer. No food plus massive amounts of alcohol will get you a face-to-face meeting with the pavement.

Years ago, when I was out at my favorite neighborhood bar, my best friend and I ran into another one of our friends who, as it turns out, had a few too many and hadn’t eaten all day. I can’t even begin to count how many times HE fell down, but I do remember the helluva time we had getting his keys from him and getting him home. Ah, the stories I could tell you from that entire episode!

Radio Equalizer says this just brings up more questions than it answers, and he’s right. Problem is, she won’t be answering these questions anytime soon, I think, if at all.

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