Iraq: On good news, and how to declare victory (MORE: THE NYT WRITES THAT IRAQ IS “GETTING WORSE”)

The latest:

—- The American Thinker has two posts up today from embedded-in-Iraq blogger Jeff Emanuel. The first one is here, and the second part is here. Make sure to read them both, as they contain lots of encouraging news on the successes taking place in Iraq (especially since the start of the surge), as well as photographs.

—- Related to that, ABC News aired last night a rare postive MSM story about what’s happening in Iraq – specifically, in Fallujah. Brent Baker details it here.

—- And speaking of Fallujah, Michael J. Totten is headed there in a few weeks, and he could use some help with expenses related to the trip.

—- Though written with their typical anti-Bush spin, Newsweek reports on the dramatic decline in violence in Iraq, as does (gasp!) Reuters (h/t: Kathryn Jean Lopez).

—- Read more thoughts on good news from Iraq via the Charleston Daily Mail (h/t: Don Surber).

—- Last but not least, Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive blogs about what he believes would make victory possible in Iraq.

More: As expected, the MSM – including the LATimes and the WaPo – seems to be complaining about Bush’s latest request for funding for the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Imagine that.

And, has Osama bin Laden declared in his latest audio recording that AQ is losing? Jules Crittenden says “yep.”

Update I: Vets For Freedom Executive Director Pete Hegseth has an article up in today’s NY Post: “No Nightmare: Why The Surge Is Working” – consider it a must-read.

Update II: The NYT’s editorial board once again provides irrefutable evidence that it lives in glass houses with this piece on how Iraq is supposedly “getting worse.” Michael Goldfarb at The Weekly Standard blog believes the NYT isn’t being completely honest with its readers. Ya think?

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