A few Thursday night links

There were a few more issues I wanted to blog about tonight, but my eyelids are starting to get heavy, so I’m combining the rest of what I wanted to blog about tonight in one post:

—- Andrew McCarthy wrote a scathing article today about the Democrats’ hypocrisy on so-called “torture” and executive power. In essence, he explains in detail how Democrats support expansions of executive power in the name of national security, and ‘torture’, only when a Democrat is president. I’ve seen evidence of this here and there over the years, but McCarthy has much of it in one must-read piece. This especially deserves attention in light of the fact that Democrats are swiftly turning against Bush AG nominee Michael Mukasey because he won’t say he believes waterboarding is ‘torture.’

—- And speaking of waterboarding, last night ST reader mahwah pointed to a link which demonstrated how ‘torturous’ waterboarding is in the comments section of another thread, but I wanted to link to it in a post as well in case anyone missed it.

—- Great news: Thanks to its exposure by the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), the University of Delaware is scrapping its ideological indoctrination program, but not before attempting to erase any history of its existence.

—- Michael Yon writes about the Iraqi Islamic Party’s declaration that Al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated.

—- From the gossip corner: TPMmuckracker reports on a potential scandal involving NJ Senator Robert Menendez and a former girlfriend:

Over the past several months, the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey has issued two grand jury subpoenas to former clients of Kay LiCausi, a lobbyist and former aide to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ). The investigation, of course, is no secret, but after a controversy raged over subpoenas issued shortly before the 2006 election, the investigation has shifted direction entirely. Now the focus seems to be whether Menendez steered lobbying contracts to his former girlfriend and then delivered government funds to those client once they’d hired her.

Stay tuned …

—- Prepare for Obama to sink further down in the polls as he shifts back to his “I’ll talk directly to Iran” argument. Sigh …

—- Are you seeing beautiful fall colors where you are? I’m trying to collect some images from around the country of what it looks like here in the fall, so I can post them in a collage sometime later this month. I’ll be posting my own collection of fall pix very shortly, but would love to see what fall looks like where you are, too. So if you’re interested, please feel free to email me up to 5 pix of fall foliage in your city and/or state, and I will post them later this month, and give full credit to those who send them in (unless they wish to remain anonymous – please let me know). My email addy is sistertoldjahATearthlinkDOTnet. I’d like to have them in by November 11th. Thanks in advance :)

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