The Falcons at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS LOSE 20-13)

Seeing as how the 2-6 Falcons have struggled this year, normally I would have written today that the Panthers (4-4) have a good shot at winning their game against them, but what with their QB woes – we still don’t know who the starting QB will be today – as well as their winless streak at home this year, a win against the Falcons is by no means a “sure thing.” Update 1:04pm: Vinny’s the starting QB today.

The more interesting game to watch today, I think, will be the game in which we see ST readers Great White Rat’s and Mwalimu Daudi’s Cowboys (7-1) take on ST reader NC Cop’s 6-2 Giants on the Giants home turf. That one will be broadcast on Fox today at 4:15pm ET, right after the Panthers game.

Green week on NBCI’m sure the burning question on every NFL fans’ mind today is: Will tonight’s Colts at Chargers pre-game show on NBC be dominated once again by lame talk of “going green” like they did last week as part of NBC’s “Green is Universal” week? Let’s hope not. After all, don’t we watch sports to get away from that kind of talk?

Update 1: Another disappointing day for the ‘cats, as they fall to 4-5, losing to Atlanta 20-13.

Update 2: Sheesh – GB clobbered Minnesota … I know Ryan has to be crying in his beer right about now ;)

And ST reader and fellow NC blogger William Teach predicts in the comments:

Oh, BTW, count me in the G-men’s side. Cowgirls are going down hard this afternoon.

The gauntlet has been thrown!

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