Cartoon of the day

Re: Hillary and the planted questions controversy – this cartoon about says it all, doesn’t it?

Thanks for ST reader Fat Tone for sending along the link.

In related Hillary news, over the weekend, the Obama and Clinton camps exchanged barbs over this column by Robert Novak in which he claimed that “agents” of Hillary Clinton had some dirt on Senator Obama that they had decided to use. The Clinton campaign, of course, denies it.

This sounds awfully familiar to an Insight Magazine report back in January which suggested that Clinton had some info on Barack Obama’s “Muslim past.” The Hillary camp denied it then, too, and Barack appeared to take them at their word. Fox reported on the unsubstantiated rumor as well, and it’s their airing of the rumor that spurred on Obama to essentially boycott the network.

I sense the Clinton media machine working behind the scenes to stir up all these rumors about the Senator from Illinois, in an attempt to plant seeds of doubt about his character. Even with her poll numbers being what they are, Clinton’s smart enough to remember how good Howard Dean was looking in November 2003, and then what happened a couple of months later, when he came in third in Iowa. And, as we all remember, few weeks later, he dropped out of the race.

Forget the “politics of hope” slogan Hillary likes to use. This is more like the “politics of innuendo” – Clinton style.